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I would like to present you the new crypto currency Fargo Coin. In addition I will walk you through the partner company BeFargo and their opportunities.

BeFargo is a company, which offer  cryptocurrency in the international market, the name of this currency is FargoCoin. FRGC

  • FRGC is an American coin, and so you can found it in the open exchange market. You can see the full information in the Crypto currency market:   .
  • The company has an American and English license.
  • Customers can purchase coins with the payment systems FRGC, Bitcoin, Befargo Wallet and Advanced Cash.
  • FargoCoin is decentralized crypto currency, and has decentralized blockchain and wallet.

FargoCoin is real and amazing Crypto Currency for earning, FargoCoin is already registered in USA Exchange and you can withdraw your Coins on PerfectMoney, AdvCash and Bitcoin through Exchange.

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When you buy any of the memberships, you will receive tokens, tokens-tokens means shares, you will send to split and after split is complete you receive FRGC.

*See at the image below the membership plan


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All affiliate bonuses credited 100 % into your wallet.

Ones you purchased one of the packages you have the chance to participate in referral program in which you can earn from five different resources.

  1. Direct Bonus-10%-15%
  2. Binary Bonus-10%-15%
  3. Matching Bonus-10%-20%
  4. Mining Profit
  5. Career Rewards

The Binary Bonus:

The binary bonus offer building team in two legs , right and left. The people from the team are placed either on the left or right. The sponsor build the team on your binary , but only from one side this depend on which side you are below your sponsor.

Every Friday the company reports the binary points from left and right and you receive % from the smaller leg- 10 % from silver to Titanium, for VIP 12 % and Trader 15 %.

                                                                 Matching bonus

Matching bonus gives  % from the income of your partners.

The matching bonus is charged to partners, which are with packages from Gold to Trader. As bigger is the package your level in deep will increase.

For example with package Gold will received 10 % from the income of your personal partners from first level, with package Diamond you will receive respectively 10 % from the income of your partners  from first to second level.

Platinum 10 % of the income of the partners from first and second level and 15 % from third level.

Titanium  10 % from the income of the partners for first and second level , 15 % for third level and 20 % for fourth level.

With package VIP and Trader 10 % from the income of your partners from first and second level, 15 % for third level, 20 % for fourth level and 5 % for fifth level.


frgc bonus

AS a result of growing you own Team, the Turnover will increase and there will be chance for career grow.

Hence with package Silver, by reaching Turnover of 6000 points automatically will be ranked to Fargo Junior, in the only condition to have additional two personal direct partners ,but here you will receive only Rank, nor remuneration.

Another level Fargo Senor-you can receive $ 350 , in the condition that you have two direct partners with rank Fargo Junior, the common volume should be 40 000 points, but in the smallest leg you should have 10 000 points.

*In the table below we can see the career growth for each package.

*With Fargo Diamond you have the chance to receive up to $ 1 000 000.

Opportunity for members willing to work on their own, the earning will come from mining.

For this purpose by purchasing one of the packages will be received tokens, which tokens will be placed in the split , we can redirect the tokens to the mining and receive FRGC.

Is a personal choice to how many splits we’ll send the tokens. Having the opportunity to send part of the tokens to mining , and the rest to the split.Also by using right strategy depend our success and income.

The earnings from the mining is separate- 60 % goes to the wallet from which you can always withdraw or purchase new packages , and 40 % goes to the mining account. You can buy tokens and again send them to split mining and new FargoCoins. Like this you can always work with the tokens and again  increase your profit.

The value of the profit depends of the quantity of the splits.

Example: In the package Diamond  is $ 600 Value  if 1 FC is $6 you will receive 1000 tokens. After the first split the tokens will double and they will be 2000. If you send the tokens in the mining you will receive around $ 792.

If you send the tokens on second split you will receive 4000 tokens an coins at value around $ 1578 , and if you send again your tokens to third split you will receive 8000 tokens and coins at estimate value $ 3156. This means , that will increase your investment around five times.

In Trader package with investment of $ 18 000 will be received profit of $ 94 860 without even building team, just with own funds.

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If You are open for something new, please Welcome to the new opportunities, which FargoCoin is giving You!

                                             Fargo Coin Wallet

Visit and download wallet for – Windows, Linux or Mac.

All wallets provide with high security, anonymous and stability. This resource is reliable and secure, therefore by keeping all of your capital will be in save.


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Why Fargocoin BEFARGO

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