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The Spiritual Way



The Spiritual Way is the way the wisdom and self-knowledge.

The famous motto is written in gold in the entrance to the Delphic Oracle – GNOTHI SEAUTON (Know Thyself, or Get to Know Thyself) – is the beginning, and also the end, of all spiritual development.

The word “occult” means hidden and is often used synonymously with the word “esoteric” – for the few. We can also this both call “the Mystery Teaching”.

The teachings of the Mysteries are religious truths beyond the rational mind. A profound experience cannot subsequently be adequately described in words.

Ancient wisdom has been passed down from generation to generation. In the past, it was transmitted in secret, but today most of it has been published.

On this The Spiritual Way page, you will undoubtedly come across the best texts about yoga, magick, qigong (chi kung), tarot, etc.  and a list of the best books on spirituality.

The Spiritual Way

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